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It is possible to treat non-communicable diseases in Mudra Therapy.

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Mudra Therapy Yoga is an integral part of science. Most people are aware of Asanas and Pranayama, but less about Mudra Therapy is known. All therapy have the ability to convert the element in about 45 minutes. That is why those who are not able to do Asanas or Pranayama can avail the benefits through Mudra Therapy. We do not have time for exercise, most people are suffering from incurable diseases. With regular practice of Mudra Therapy, you can keep yourself healthy and patient.

It is well known that the human body is composed of five elements. These five elements of fire, air, earth, water and sky, when there is imbalance in the body, the body begins to become unhealthy. It is very important to balance the five elements for a healthy body. Mudra Science is a science based on these five elements. According to Mudra science, the five fingers of our hand represent fire, air, earth, water and sky. This is science. It cannot be ruled out. Magnetic waves emerge from the five fingers, according to the monetary science, if the fingers are touched or pressured in the right amount, the five elements are easily balanced and many diseases are easily diagnosed by establishing a balance in the elements.

All systems of the body are operated on the basis of five elements. Our health is directly related to these five elements. As long as it is satisfied, we remain healthy.

Our bodies have water 70%, earth 12%, air 6%, fire 4%, and sky 6%. The sky and the air are the same, and today these two elements have worsened the balance of heaven and air. The main reason for this is our constant lyrical lifestyle and distorted food. Life style it has become that we drink less water, more food like junk food. All, the constant imbalance is increasing.

If the five elements are balanced in the body, the person remains healthy. Let us know what these five elements do in the body.

Fire element

The fire element produces heat in the body, and heat produces energy. The brain has the highest energy space in the body. All the activities of the body are conducted by the brain. Therefore, the brain is concerned with the fire element. There are five types of fire in our abdomen-the first part of the stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestine and spleen. All of them together digest the food. Digestion gives energy to the body.

Diseases caused by Eye-Itching, Eczema, Chest irritation, Hemorrhoids, Hypertension, Fever, Anger, Mental Stress, and Cancer are caused by the increase of fire content in the body.

Lack of fire element in the body keeps the skin cool. There are diseases like colds, Cynus, Bronchitis, Pneumonia. There is a shortage of energy in the body. The memory is weakened. The Metabolism of the body is worsened. Fat accumulates in the body and obesity increases.

Air Elements

The function of air in the body is to produce momentum in the body. All the moving functions of our body, all the functions of motion are governed by the air element. Like getting up, walking, moving back and forth, working with hands, etc. We also take breathing through the air element. The fire in the body is ragged through air.

Diseases arising out of air content imbalance: Air imbalance in the body and increase in air increases the risk of body Aches, Gas, Obstruction of blood circulation, Joint pain, Groin pain, Savakal, Cytica, Heart pain, Heart Attack, Paralysis, Polio, etc.

Sky Element

Sky means open space or emptiness. Infinite sky. The sound is produced from the sky element. The work of speaking and listening in our body is governed by the sky element. Speaking and listening is related to the throat. The bones are also concerned with the sky element. The empty space between the joints of the body is the sky element in all the cells. When it grows in the body, our body creates a liberal, friendly spirit, our inclination towards spirituality.

Diseases arising out of the imbalance of the sky element: the increase in the sky element in the body causes diseases such as speech and hearing problems, cough diseases, throat diseases, all ear diseases, children's Lisp, late speaking of young children, dumb-deaf, thyroid diseases. Increasing the empty space between the pairs increases the problem of joint pain. There is a shortage of calcium in the body. If there is a shortage of sky element in the body, people become selfish, tolerance starts to decrease. The feeling of friendship ends

Earth Elements

We receive food from the earth. The earth gives us stability. The Earth element is the formation of the body. The Earth element has a balance-strength, stagnation, patience, discipline, developed personality.

Diseases caused by the imbalance of the earth element

Increasing the earth content in the body increases the weight of the body. Increasing obesity causes diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, heaviness in the body, sadness, Vindictiveness, etc.

On the contrary, if the Earth's element starts to decrease, there are diseases such as anemia, weakness, hemoglobin deficiency, vitamins and mineral deficiencies, bones and muscle weakness, weak children, lack of physical development in children, lack of stature of children, hair,colds, asthma, immune system weakness, hernia.

Water Elements

Our body has 72 per cent water. The blood has 80 per cent water, the brain has 92 per cent water. Hormones are also formed from water. Women's scrotum, semen in males is also produced from water. The urinary system functions only by the water element. The flexibility of all the flesh muscles of our body, tenderness of the skin, puberty, aura, beauty, softness of hair, Softness of eyes, are all powered by water content. Water is a symbol of element, semen, marrow, blood, coldness, happiness, taste and beauty.

Diseases caused by water content imbalance

The increase of water content in the body starts to fill any part of the body with water. Water in the lungs, watering in the brain, watering the ankles, etc., increases the likelihood of disease.

If there is a shortage of water content in the body, the skin begins to burst into dryness, skin diseases, hands and feet, additives and lips. Wrinkles on the face, scarring, pimples, pearl bumps, formation of fibroid, diseases of the reproductive organs, ovaries, pregnancy, urinary diseases, kidney and bladder stones are started.

How to balance five elements?

This is the rule of law of nature that the thing that is made will be properly filled. Iron will be used to repair an iron object, the clay-made object will be cured by the soil. In this way, the element that is imbalanced in the body will be balanced by the same element.

Here we will discuss some of the Mudra Therapy which are based on punch elements-

Surya Mudra (Sun Mudra)

As is evident from the name, the sun is the source of fire. This Mudra reduces the excess of the Earth element in the body.

Those who are disturbed by cold should practice the sun Mudra regularly.

The practice of sun posture eliminates obesity, Snobbery, heaviness, obesity. This Mudra is very beneficial in reducing obesity.

This element is very beneficial for diabetic patients. This Mudra burns the increased sugar in the body, which fixes constipation, diabetes, etc. Uric acid is controlled in the blood. All liver diseases are cured.

If the fire element in the body is decreasing, the sun should practice the Mudra regularly.

Note: High blood pressure should not practice sun posture.

Varun Mudra:

This Mudra should be applied when the water content is plethora in the body. Regular practice of this Mudra balances the increased water content in the body. So, it is also called as water-rate element.

If it is flooded in the lungs, it should be practiced.

It is beneficial to practice this Mudra if there is swelling anywhere in the body.

Najla, colds when water is flowing from the nose and eyes, this currency should be applied.

Aakash Mudra

This element symbolizes the sky element. When fire and sky elements meet together, there is a feeling of openness, expansion like the sky. Its regular practice increases the sky element in the body. The sky ends with zero Mudra. Emptiness, hollowness, stupidity are removed.

The practice of sky element increases the hearing power, other ear diseases are also removed. Such as flow of ears, tingling in the ears, deafness of the ears, etc.

The practice of sky Mudra cured heart disease, hypertension because the heart is directly related to the sky.

The bones are strong. Calcium deficiency is removed in the body. This Mudra is very beneficial in osteoporosis.

Prathvi (Earth) Mudra:

The Earth element gives us Bulkiness, stability. This increases the earth element in the body. Anamika finger is considered to be the center of all vitamins and vitality.

Reduces the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Which increases the flow of energy into the body. The practice of this Mudra flashes on the face.

This posture strengthens the bone institution and the muscles in the body. Therefore, the earth money is very beneficial for the weaker children, the individuals.

The practice of earth posture expands the power in the body. The physique is curvy. Helps in increasing stature and weight. It is very much beneficial for growing and vulnerable children.

The practice of this Mudra gives an impression of inner happiness. Generosity, thoughtless, brings happiness by making the goal important.

This Mudra recovers the digestive power. People and children who have a weak digestive power should practice this Mudra.

This element is related to the Mula-dhara Chakra. Thus, the Mula-dhara Chakra is activated by the Earth, and the organs attached to it are strong. Hernia is cured.

The Earth's posture should be practiced only when the Earth's element in the body is low.

Indra Mundra

The smallest finger of the hand in the human body symbolizes the water element. Indra Mudra is combined with the junior finger and the front of the thumb. Keep the remaining three fingers straight. The purpose of this element is to maintain the balance of water and other elements in the body. This Mudra is of great importance to our health. Regular practice of this Mudra can prevent many diseases.

Many skin diseases such as herpes, khaj itching, facial wrinkles, etc., are cured by this posture.

The practice of this Mudra in summer can be avoided to a great extent by Atisaar (Overshare) , Diarrhea, etc.

This posture is extremely beneficial in urinary diseases, kidney disease diabetes.

Cholera, diarrhea, etc., leads to lack of water in the body. This currency acts as a panacea for such diseases.

If there is irritation in the eyes, dryness, apply it to the Mudra and you will get the benefit.

In our body, 80% of the blood is water. Blood is thickened due to high blood pressure, increased cholesterol. Practice this posture to improve blood quality.

People with low blood pressure do not practice this posture.


Meditation is the soul of Mudra, currency science. It is also known as Gyan Mudra. It is the only Mudra which can be levied for 24 hours continuously, that is, there is no time limit. This Mudra affects the soul, mind, intellect and all parts of the body. This Mudra is also a disease resistant.

The thumb, Mars and forefinger represent Jupiter as the planet, so when the thumb and forefinger are added,Waking up luck occurs. It is described in the Scriptures.

Practicing meditation posture regularly relieves mental stress, blood pressure remains normal. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is low.

The front part of the thumb has pressure points of the brain and the pituitary gland and the point of mind in the front of the forefinger. When the pressure of these two points is made by a light touch, the mind, the brain and the pituitary gland are all three awake, and when the fire is raging with the contact of fire and air, the distortions of the mind and the brain are removed. This Mudra is very beneficial for heart patients.

To keep the blood pressure normal, do this Mudra in the morning and evening for 30-30 minutes. This not only fixes hypertension quickly, but also normally later. This Mudra is also very beneficial in heart related diseases. It is a very effective posture to balance vata (वात), bile and phlegm in our body.

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